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There are many instances when it is required to clear the configuration cache on FARM servers. In old days of WSS 3.0 and MOSS 2007, this was very frequent. Well, it was not just then when cleaning the cache was required, we still at times are bitten by scenarios where we need to clean up the configuration cache in our SharePoint 2013 FARM.

The cache folder has many XML file which are dynamically generated. This same folder also contains a "cache.ini" file, and this is the cache of farm’s configuration objects. As previously stated, there are instances, where cleaning of the cache is needed to get all the SharePoint servers up to date and have the latest information.

This handy tools is a one click tool that performs it's task quickly and efficiently. As of now the tool works only for SharePoint 2013, but I would soon add the code to check the environment and perform it's actions accordingly.

Note: Please make sure to change the $credentials variable inside the PowerShell script file to the service account having dbowner, db_SecurityAdmin and SPDataAccess rights to the database. Also add the password of the service account in the variable $global:pw

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